We specialize in computer tutoring.  Our goal is to help you become better and more comfortable at using your Windows based personal computer (PC).  1 on 1 personal tutoring is best, but you can share tutoring with 1 or 2 friends if you wish.

  • Learn to use Microsoft Windows more effectively - all versions, from Windows 95 to the latest version of Windows XP.
    • Learn to organize your documents, photos, and other files for ease in finding and using information on your computer.
    • Learn about critical and non-critical updates; why you should always update your computer, and how to set up your computer to do this automatically and painlessly.
  • Become more proficient and comfortable using Microsoft Office
    • Word (word processing; writing letters and other documents)
    • Excel (spreadsheet; keeping track of numbers, graphs, etc)
    • Outlook (email, calendar, to-do list, and more). Learn how to use the email, calendar, to-do list, notes, and other features of Outlook, or learn how to use them better
    • Access (a database - think of it as a set of computerized file cards or forms)
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other browsers - surf the web more efficiently and safely
    • Learn the differences between a computer virus, spyware and spam, and how to protect your computer against these unwanted and dangerous intrusions.
  • Quicken, to keep track of your bank and investment accounts
    • Setup Quicken Online services to automatically download data from your bank or investment firm’s website to Quicken on your computer.
  • Learn how to easily back up your documents, photos, and other data on your computer, to protect your valuable information against catastrophe.
  • If you have a hard time remembering how to use certain features on your computer, we can write you a customized step-by-step “cookbook” for easy reference.
  • SPECIAL TUTORING -> Convert your old LP records and cassette tapes to CDs. The time involved (about 1 hr or more per LP) does not make this cost effective unless you do it yourself. I have successfully converted several hundred LPs to CDs, cleaning up their sound and removing pops and scratches in the process, so that most sound as good or better than when new. I will be happy to tutor you on the process which is surprisingly simple, and recommend any hardware and/or software you will need.
    • The total cost of hardware and software is usually under $100 if your computer is fairly new and has a good sound card. The process has several steps, but after you have done it once or twice, it's "a piece of cake".