We can provide software and hardware services, including conversion of hardcopy documents to computer files (digitizing).

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  • Transfer files from an old computer to your new computer, or to a new hard drive
  • Repair software problems.  
  • Customize software to your work style.
  • Install or remove software
  • Upgrade your software to the newest versions.
  • Internet setup, adjustments and troubleshooting
    • Eliminate most of those annoying pop-up screens.
    • Install anti-spam program to reduce unwanted email (spam).
  • Computer Protection:
    • Sweep your computer for viruses and spyware, and them remove them.
    • Install a firewall to protect your computer from hackers
    • Install Antivirus & anti-spyware programs to protect your computer from future attacks; customize them to your type of computer use. 
      • Set up automatic updating of anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, and of Windows Critical Updates, so that you are always protected with the latest updates.


Set up a new computer or upgrade your existing one

  • Install new or additional hard drives
  • Install additional RAM for faster response
  • Computer tune-up
  • Sound and video card installation & setup
  • Home and business network setup, maintenance, & troubleshooting

We can convert your paper forms to computerized forms. We can also create new forms for you, from scratch, based on your design. The advantages of computerized forms are:

  • Forms can be filled out on a computer, making them legible.
  • Forms can be developed so that, like a spreadsheet, some information fields can do automatic calculations, or reference other fields. This is particularly useful with business expense forms, and other cost-accounting forms.
  • Data need be entered only once on a form, and can be automatically entered at all other locations where that data is repeated. For example, on multi-page forms, if a person's name appears in several locations, the name can be automatically entered into all subsequent locations once the first field (location) is completed.
  • Each completed form is a database, storing all completed records which can then be referred to, duplicated so that the form is filled out ready for small modifications of the data, speeding up data entry
  • Form designs can be modified for updating at any time.

Cost is based on straight time. Digitizing from existing paper forms averages 20-60 minutes/page, depending upon the amount of information on the form and whether or not formulas are used to do automatic calculations.


Using the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, we can convert your paper documents into word processing documents ready for editing in Microsoft Word© or Corel WordPerfect©. Photos and diagrams on a page can be included in the document as graphic objects. These differ from simple scanning of a document in that the document is formatted for editing in Word© of WordPerfect© as though you created the document from scratch.

Conversion of policy and procedure manuals is one example of where converting your documents to computer files can be of immense assistance to your firm.

Conversion for basic documents is $1.50/page. These are documents with simple formatting, such as tabs. Complex documents, such as those containing columns, graphs, or tables, will be slightly higher. We will be happy to review your documents or manuals and provide an quote.


We can take any paper document, and most computer documents, and create PDF files, which can be viewed by anyone with Adobe Acrobat© Reader. Cost is $1/page for paper documents and $5/document if the document is in a computer file.