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    Newsletter #164, August 2019 Is Artificial Intelligence here yet?; Synchronize your devices; Snip & Sketch Basic Instructions; Windows 10 has emojis, sort of; Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)
    Newsletter #163, July 2019 WOW! Turbocharge your computer with a SSD; Website Safety 101 – a primer; OneNote, an underused gem; Check out the Windows 10 Snip and Sketch; Windows 10 Clipboard history
    Newsletter #162, June 2019 Why you might want a travel router; Use your library online; iTunes will soon become history; Why you should save all of those installation discs and files; Do you need a high-speed scanner?
    Newsletter #161, May 2019 How to stop sending incomplete emails & texts; A Guide to Good Backups; Cure for repeated password requests in Outlook; You may soon be able to easily delete Google’s info about you. ; FreeCommander – an alternative to Windows File Explorer
    Newsletter #160, April 2019

    How to get out of a hung program; Updated Policy updates and the GDPR; Computer Tune-Ups…how effective are they? ; Windows is Dead, Long Live Windows; Windows XP Revisited

    Newsletter #159, March 2019 Discover the wonders of PLEX; Tune up your Android phone/tablet; Mozy Free is ending April 15; Some useful utilities; Stargazing
    Newsletter #158, Feb 2019 Get your home page back; The state of anti-virus protection; Easy label removal; Remove some or all of the tiles from the Windows 10 Start menu
    Newsletter #157, Jan 2019 Fix the “windows not genuine” bug; Revive Firefox; Apple and your Right To Repair; About email Read Receipts ; How to really speed up your computer; Google still allows their “partner” companies to read your Gmail messages
    Newsletter #156, Dec 2018 It started with the START button; Ultimate Power Backup (bizarre); Reminder to please Yelp me; Start Windows 10 without having to enter your password; TMI – Too Much Information; Opt-Out to reduce unwanted ads/spam
    Newsletter #155, Nov 2018 Stop robocalls to your cell phone; Duo is more versatile than Apple’s Facetime – works on both android and Apple phones; Do you need a new router? ; A handy Android phone feature; Why I like PayPal
    Newsletter #154, Oct 2018 How to clean up your iTunes Library; The good old days of DOS games; Why I now use an 800 number for my landline; Free Trials and Automatic Renewals; Flagship Apple and Samsung cell phones include Sticker Shock! ; One-time bonus page.
    Newsletter #153, Sept 2018 Slow Internet – your connection or the website?; How to disable Bixby; Is your System Restore running properly; Tightening access to your google information; Adjusting pdf files; Offline GPS – for when you don’t want to run up data use
    Newsletter #152, August 2018 Private (incognito) Mode explained; Internet searches are not private; Save big bucks on printer ink and toner; Consider buying a used computer; A cable is a cable is a cable; Search better with images; Find the best price with a comparison shopping website
    Newsletter #151, July 2018 TED Talks; UBlock Origin – a better ad blocker; Backup your DVD collection; Use a cordless Bluetooth headset with your cell-phone; Keyboard shortcutsline
    Newsletter #150, June 2018 Online backup recommendation: Full Disclosure: Why are you getting all of those policy update emails?: What to do if your computer, tablet or phone is lost or stolen: Use a benchmarking utility to test your computer’s speed.

    Newsletter #149, May 2018

    Start YELPing: Kill the Quicken nags: How to find your Netflix history: Be aware of Tech-Support Scams: Free computer utilities you may fine useful.
    Newsletter #148, April 2018 Cryptocurrency goes mainstream: My favorite useful apps: Where to recycle almost anything: Spectre & Meltdown flaws in Intel cpus: Your life is an open book.
    Newsletter #147, March 2018 Is AI really here yet?; Exercise your control over what information Google collects about you; Robocalls in CA are mostly illegal.; Alternatives to File Explorer; Facebook and your privacy.
    Newsletter #146, Feb 2018 Science Fiction becomes an AMAZING reality; Customize your Gmail screen; Trivia – how IBM started; Computers then and now; Improve your home WiFi system; Stop browsers from asking to remember your passwords.; Know the difference between an address bar and a search bar
    Newsletter #145, Jan 2018 Real Science beats fake science; Apple slows down older iPhones; A tale of 2 computers with bad hard drives and no backups.; Programs can now be transferred to a different computer…but with a significant limitation.; Possibly the most cost-effective online backup
    Newsletter #144, Dec 2017 Standards – pros and cons ; Unsubscribe to keep spam under some control; Easily transfer files/photos from android to Windows 10 computers; Emojis for your computer; Save your desktop; Minimize system slowdowns; Can you make your computer faster?
    Newsletter #143, Nov 2017 FM radio on your cell phone for emergencies; Take control of your life; Improve your internet browsing; Quick fix for sideways screen; Synchronize the Bookmarks and Favorites in your browsers; ,com, .biz, .org, etc – what do they mean
    Newsletter #142, Oct 2017 Why do people pay 2-3 times the cost of a computer for their cell phone?; What is the Creator’s Update and do you need or want it?; Identifying SPAM
    Newsletter #141, Sept 2017 Ransomware and other malware; A great feature of the Samsung S7/S8 phones; How to clean your computer; SWYPE your android device; Bluetooth earbuds without spending a small fortune
    Newsletter #140, August 2017 Hacking our election - terrifying; Customize Windows the easy way; Creating PDF files;  Where is the Instruction Manual?; What is Net Neutrality and why you need it
    Newsletter #139, July 2017 Organize your music & video with metadata; Looking for a new computer; Customize Windows using the Ultimate Windows Tweaker; Do you need OEM for replacement supplies?
    Newsletter #138, June 2017 The lesson from WannaCry; Don’t confuse Google with the internet – an explanation.
    Newsletter #137, May 2017 AMD is back in the game; Wireless mouse & keyboard quick fix; How to Uninstall A Program; Portable and Installed Apps explained; Netflix "secret" category codes; Switch Windows faster; Programd, apps & applications explained.
    Newsletter #136,March-April 2017 Latest RoboCall scam; A common low-tech computer scam; best Acronis settings; Removing labels & tape; Email scam update; Tablets DO NOT make desktop and notebook computers obsolete.
    Newsletter #135, Feb 2017 The amazing Xerox PARC; Improve your searches; Well-designed tablet cases
    Newsletter #134,Jan 2017 Verizon bought AOL – be sure to Opt-Out of info sharing; Everything is better; Fighting SPAM; Is the personal computer dead?
    Newsletter #133, Dec 2016 Anti-malware ratings for computers and mobile devices; Erector Sets are back – build your own robot; Better than Bluetooth ear tumors; The Edge browser improves; Reducing junk phone calls; Cards are better than email
    Newsletter #132, Nov 2016 Cleaning up cables; Are you serious about protecting your privacy?; An example of bogus scam emails; Technology – Master or servant?
    Newsletter #131,Aug, Sept, Oct 2016 Moving Disruption; Dropping CCC office phone line; Battery care; Find a lost android phone or tablet; An annoying flaw in texting; First the “Cone of Silence”, now the “Web of Trust”; Protect yourself from ransomware; What is a “default program”; The right computer for the job
    Newsletter #130, July 2016 Beware of low-tech scams; ; Get rid of the tiles on Windows 10 start menu; What happened to Fast User Switching in Windows 10?; Cell phone & tablets ad-blocking; Slow computer or slow website?; Internet Browsers explained
    Newsletter #129, June 2016 Stop the Windows 10 surprise update; Norton goes to the dark side; Password Managers – an evaluation; Get the lowest price on eBay; Two Alternatives to Craigslist and eBay
    Newsletter #128, May 2016 Digitize your Rewards cards with Stocard App; More on lost tablets & phones; Why all those updates?; eRecycling Info; How to do better searches
    Newsletter #127, April 2016

    Hi fidelity vs infidelity; Name That Tune; Use WiFi rather than LTE; Go To The Opera (Browser); Amazing Phones

    Newsletter #126,March 2016 Phone running out of power – some solutions; Resolving minor complaints about Windows 10; Should you upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10?; Facial Recognition – a possible ethical dilemma; The future of passwords; Worst passwords of 2015
    Newsletter #125, Feb 2016 Use PIN to log into Windows; How to create desktop shortcuts in Windows 10; Why you need a password manager; Consider a high-speed scanner
    Newsletter #124, Jan 2016 Lost your phone or tablet? Here is what to do; Show files and folders at the top of a list; California’s Lemon Law; What programs do I use?
    Newsletter #123,Dec 2015 Windows 10 upgrade now stable; Read magazines free from the library, on your computer or tablet; Shopping online; Unsubscribe to control spam; Duolingo language program (which is free) is rated as highly as Rosetta Stone
    Newsletter #122, Nov 2015 Read magazines free from the library, on your computer or tablet; Shopping online; Unsubscribe to control spam; Duolingo language program (which is free) is rated as highly as Rosetta Stone; What programs do I use?; What are Java and Flash
    Newsletter #121, Oct 2015 Two-Step Passwords explained; How to send large emails; AngiesList; Safely upgrading to Windows 10; What happens when your computer shuts down
    Newsletter #120, Sept 2015 Two-part passwords; New wallpaper for your desktop; Windows 10 is very nice, but don’t upgrade quite yet; Replace Google with the Duck; Recommended Password Managers
    Newsletter #119, Aug 2015 Add Emoticons to your emails, texts, and – wherever you want; Acronis and other mirror image backups; Find almost anything on your phone, tablet or computer
    Newsletter #118, July 2015 Windows 10 to be released July 29; Quicken OK on up to 3 computers; Uninstall multple programs; Speed up your computer; Weak wireless signal - try Powerline-AC
    Newsletter #117, June 2015 Windows 10 release date announced; Try the Opera; Sync Outlook with your phone or tablet; Before you call tech support; Amazon Prime – an evaluation; Where to buy a computer

    Newsletter #116, May 2015

    Freebies issue (Interesting & useful free software)

    Newsletter #115, April 2015

    FCC drastically redefines their definition of “broadband”; Set up a new Win8 computer without a Microsoft account; HDD vs SSD shootout; Windows 10 to be a free upgrade with release sometime this summer; A heads up (sorry for the pun) on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality; Replace Adobe Reader; Block most website ads)
    Newsletter #114, Feb-Mar 2015

    Learn about the Start Menu; Don’t confuse the search bar with the address bar; Find a parking meter faster; Faster and cheaper SSD drives; What is a Virtual Machine?; Thoughts on identity theft

    Newsletter #113, Jan 2015 How to cook spam; Windows 10 initial comments; Viewing pictures and images easier in your e-mail; WiFi Finder app is useful; Cut down on junk phone calls – maybe; Give your computer a different look with new wallpaper.
    Newsletter #112, Dec 2014 Windows 8 does not require a Microsoft Account; Use the Problem Steps Recorder to record your computer problems; Windows 10 looks very promising; There may be a better way than Google for searching the internet; Keep your screen clean with a stylus; Make your mouse work better.
    Newsletter #111, Nov 2014 Use Unchecky to download without crapware; If you’re not amazed that computers work at all, you should be; Secure your android phone or tablet with a swipe instead of a number; Making Music Easier with an old computer
    Newsletter #110, Oct 2014 Turbocharge your computer with an SSD; How to send a text message from your computer; Microsoft Surface Pro 3 may be the future of tablet/notebook hybrids; Go directly to Windows 10; Are your photos looking weird? – it may be the color setting of your monitor.
    Newsletter #109, Sept 2014 Play MP3s instead of CDs in your car; Printing from an iPod made simple; What is ASK and why is it on my computer?; Is your internet speed sufficient; Some Quick Computer Fixes
    Newsletter #108, Aug 2014 How to remove your Windows login password; Here is something you can do about those junk phone calls; NASA is better than Google Earth; Adjust how large/small web pages display on-the-fly; Play MP3s
    Newsletter #107, July 2014 Protecting your computer from disaster; Free backup program shootout; See what is taking up your hard drive space; Remember to renew your internet security subscription; Start Menu may return to Windows; Turbocharge your computer with an SSD
    Newsletter #106, June 2014 Good Free Software; Clean your computer before getting rid of it; Options for a poor wireless connection; Life before the computer
    Newsletter #105, May 2014 Good Free Software; Clean your computer before getting rid of it; Options for a poor wireless connection; Life before the computer
    Newsletter #104, April 2014 What does Windows XP end of support mean to you; Sync Outlook Calendar & Contacts with your phone or google.mail; USB 3.0 is about 4x faster than USB 2.0
    Newsletter #103, March 2014 Run down your battery to improve it; Tips for selecting a new computer; Use Dropbox when you can’t email attachments
    Newsletter #102, Feb 2014 Goodbye LogMeIn Free, Hello TeamViewer; A short course on computer terms; Your own personal cloud storage; Interesting websites; Why upgrade to Windows 8.1; Customize Windows 8.1; Encrypt your device for high security
    Newsletter #101, Jan 2014 Bypass the Windows Password; Your own personal cloud storage; Interesting websites; Why upgrade to Windows 8.1; Customize Windows 8.1; Encrypt your device for high security
    Newsletter #100, Dec 2013 Issue #100; Undiscovered Websites you may like; Get there faster by using the address bar; Computer basics; Write down those logon passwords; Cell phone insurance rip-off
    Newsletter #99 Oct-Nov 2013 Free upgrade to Windows 8.1; Microsoft stopping Windows XP and Office 2003 support; Image your computer for safety; Are your backups still running!; Copy & Paste from the Command Prompt; Importance of Recovery Discs; Save more $ on color laser toner; Are touchscreens for you?
    Newsletter #98, Sept 2013 A missing attachment reminder; How to avoid getting crapware on your computer; Take notes
    Newsletter #97, Aug 2013 Issue #100; Undiscovered Websites you may like; Get there faster by using the address bar; Computer basics; Write down those logon passwords; Cell phone insurance rip-off
    Newsletter #96, July 2013 Access your hard drive over the internet; Use the right tool; Computer – where is Scottie; Bypass the Windows password; Windows 8.1 info ;Use passphrases instead of passwords
    Newsletter #95, June 2013 Encrypt your personal files and folders for security and protection; Use the proper tool for the job; Free and discounted eBook sources; Easier customer service phone calls; Myth Busting – Macs are not immune to viruses
    Newsletter #94, May 2013 Improve performance with an SSD; How to play the Rebate Game; Watch Netflix and more on your TV; Facebook is at it again
    Newsletter #93, April 2013 Yes, you can play movies on Windows 8; Use a 3rd party to pay online when using plastic; How to keep track of your photos; Save money on laser toner
    Newsletter #92, March 2013 Use Dropbox to send lotsa photos; What if you lose your cell phone or tablet?; Rethinking Apple

    Newsletter #91, Feb 2013

    Reducing information overload; Managing Passwords; Webmail vs. E-mail clients; Great photos at the NASA website
    Newsletter #90, Jan 2013 Jump-start setting up a new computer; Preparing for disaster – image your computer; Evaluating Windows8 start menu applications.; Getting more distance out of your wireless router; A nice idea from Microsoft – a combo tablet screen cover and keyboard
    Newsletter #89, Dec 2012 Impressions of Windows 8; Bringing the START button/menu back to Win8 and some configuration recommendations; Opt-out of cell phone information release; Don’t fall for the latest scam that comes in via a snailmail letter
    Newsletter #88, Nov 2012 What does the world know about you?; Take better photos with your tablet and smartphone; Test your Internet Connection Speed; Use WiFi instead of 3G/4G when possible; Avoid roaming fees – use VOIP services to make international calls for free. Test your Internet Connection Speed; Stop routine Norton Internet Security notification popups
    Newsletter #87, Oct 2012 Parental Controls; No-So-Free-Trials (a new scam); Computer Essentials – a must read; Test your internet connection speed
    Newsletter #86, Sept 2012 Memory, applications, and computer performance – a balancing act; The eBook Rip-off; Perform CPR on a dead iPod
    Newsletter #85, July-Aug 2012 What can you do with a tablet?; Tether your tablet for internet access anywhere over your smartphone; Blue Screen Of Death explained; Alternatives to Adobe Reader; Stream video, pictures & music from your computer to your TV
    Newsletter #84, June 2012 Label those power bricks; Deal with cell phone spam; Why insufficient memory slows down computers
    Newsletter #83, May 2012 Be on guard for bogus Microsoft support calls; Update on hybrid hard drive test; Email large attachments with ZipSend; Add a spare browser; Convert PDF files to Word for editing.
    Newsletter #82, April 2012 Free alternatives to MS Office; Turbocharge your computer with an SSD drive; Windows 8 is coming; Social networks out of control.
    Newsletter #81, Mar 2012 Print from your tablet or smartphone; Permanently delete files; Don't fall for email scams; PowerSearch smartphone calendars, contacts, and more.
    Newsletter #80, Feb 2012 Turn computer off or leave on; Hibernating your computer; Changing your Home Page; Send someone a website link; A Bizillion free eBooks; How to clean a yucky keyboard.
    Newsletter #79, Jan 2012 Social Network Spam; Desktop, notebook & tablets compared; Search webmail & more; Browse with tabs; Useful smartphone apps.
    Newsletter #78, Dec 2011 Using a USB Flash Drive properly; Retrieving data from old floppy discs; Identity theft - pay attention to it!; Internet Security test lab websites; Optimize your computer monitor; HP's double-edge "instant" service
    Newsletter #76, Oct 2011 Surge protectors and backup power xplained; Reduce email clutter by organizing your email; Easy label removal; Streaming Netflix is much cheaper and faster than DVDs in the mail.
    Newsletter #75, Sept 2011 Routers and WiFi explained; Easy label removal; Become a 007 – find out about other people, or see what they can find out about you; Bypass the phone tree and talk to a real person
    The high cost of not backing up; Spell check your webmail; Anatomy of a scam; Modems and routers explained; Will tablets replace notebook computers?; Use the Character Map
    Newsletter #73, July 2011 “Computer – go to Warp 7”; Internet Security: why all the fuss?; Out-of-office messages on Outlook; Sticky-notes for your computer; 199mph or 78mpg, you now have a choice.
    Newsletter #72, June 2011 SCAM ALERT; Backups explained; Buying a new computer
    Newsletter #71, May 2011 So you’re getting a new computer; Check out internet scams, hoaxes & rumors – separate fact from fiction; Keep your Favorites & Bookmarks in sync between computers; Cleaning up cables
    Newsletter #70, April 2011 Don’t let emailed photos get lost; Computer slowing down? Here are some quick fixes that can make a noticeable difference; The Apple System
    Newsletter #69, March 2011 Dump these programs; Clean out your Sent Items folder; Consider a Powerline network instead of wireless; Really Toss That Program
    Newsletter #68, Feb 2011 How to get past the phone tree and talk to a real person; Get internet TV without a using your computer; Where is my G: drive?; Essential software applications; Better printing from web pages
    Newsletter #67, Jan 2011 Not Available
    Newsletter #66, Dec 2010 Extended warranties – yes or no; Alternate Windows exploring tools; Don’t get pushed; Standby & Hibernate explained
    Newsletter #65, Nov 2010 Managing your mail; Finding those photos that were emailed to you; Tired of Windows - Try Linux; Don't burn up your notebook; Quick-saving a web page
    Newsletter #64, Oct 2010 File recovery, File disposal; Burn CDs & DVDs in Windows 7
    Newsletter #63, Sept 2010 Nitro PDF utility, Use Mozy for local backups; Droid compatibility with Outlook; Privacy and social networks; Stealth Internet Surfing, Clean up your mail for faster service.
    Newsletter #62, Aug 2010 Firefox tips & tricks; Do you REALLY need it?; Comparing DSL vs. Cable internet
    Newsletter #61, July 2010 A better clipboard - ClipCache; Computer hoarding - too many good things may not be good for you.; Need more or better USB ports?; Choosing a new computer; Megabuck accessories for when you want only the best; Droid - a great alternative to iPhone
    Newsletter #60, June 2010 Normalize your music; Having problems with .pdf files in Chrome?; How fast is your internet?; Face Recognition - Smile and say cheese
    Newsletter #59, May 2010 Email Attachments too large to send – try using a dropbox; Finding that misplaced file on your computer; Unsubscribing demystified; Protect your cell phone
    Newsletter #58, April 2010 Online price matching; Turn off Norton alerts; Bury Dead Favorites; Observations on Windows 7
    Newsletter #57, Mar 2010 The ingredients list; Screen Cleaning; Keyboards & Rats (er…mice); Dusting the box; Printers & Scanners
    Newsletter #56, Feb 2010 USB 3.0 is here (sort of); Ride the GrooveShark; Millions of free books on googlebooks; Another Airfare Watchdog; Having problems sending attachments?; Rebates, the good, the bad and the ugly; Tired of the keyboard, then talk to the Dragon
    Newsletter #55, Jan 2010 Choosing a printer; Replace your “server” with a NAS
    Newsletter #54, Dec 2009 What’s a tweet?; Be careful what you put on Facebook; Find the best gas prices; Keep Bookmarks & Favorites in sync; Start programs in full-screen size; Speed up your network connection
    Newsletter #53, Nov 2009 A Dead Mouse in the House?; Easy YouTube Downloads; Why is my computer so slow?
    Newsletter #52, Oct 2009 Set up an out-of-office reply in Outlook; Computer Hoarding Disorder; Get back your real estate
    Newsletter #51, Sept 2009 Almost caught by phishing email; Displaying graphics in emails; A Cucku way to backup your files; Are updates OK
    Newsletter #50, Aug 2009 Wireless broadband speed comparison; Microsoft goes Bing; Be S.M.A.R.T.; Decrapify your computer; Convert .pdf files to Word (.doc)
    Newsletter #49, July 2009 Supertune Firefox; Create your own PDF files; Get tunes off of your iPod; Hot to choose a notebook computer; First "Cone of Silence", now "Web of Trust"
    Newsletter #48, June 2009 Using Office 2007 files in earlier versions of Office; Protect your Registry; A Router Primer; Recuva that deleted file
    Newsletter #47, May 2009 Better searches; Switching to a new computer; Real-life Mission Impossible
    Newsletter #46, April 2009 Backup your DVDs; UPS battery backups; What are Firefox and Internet Explorer Add-ons; Create your own cell-phone ringtones for free; Fictitious Business Name scam
    Newsletter #45, March 2009 Backups explained; What is a Netbook and do you want one?
    Newsletter #44, Feb 2009 Advanced Googling; ePreserver defies AOL; print your display with PrintScreen; Zap duplicate Outlook emails; Start Windows faster by going slower; Double & Triple Clicking; Using the MS Office paintbrush to copy formatting.
    Newsletter #43, Jan 2009 Rating Internet Security programs; ZIP it up with PeaZip; Use Special Characters; Opera browser for smartphones; Do you really need color?; Save Printer Ink; A Rocket for your desktop
    Newsletter #42, Dec 2008 Turn off MS Office's task pane; Interesting websites; Selecting a Notebook computer; How to organize your data files.
    Newsletter #41, Nov 2008
    What is the internet?; Can’t email large attachments ? Try FTP.; What to do with Updates, Error Messages, etc.; Grab that YouTube Video
    Newsletter #40, Oct 2008
    Beware of Clayware from Apple and Adobe; Cox now offering McAfee Internet Security; Twizzle – The Game; Say NO to Windows Messenger; Do you need a new computer or upgraded software?; Looking at the monitor a different way.
    Newsletter #39, Sept 2008 Use your photos as wallpaper; Surf the correct way – use the address bar; Save downloads before running them; A select morsel of spam; Got a printer and scanner – then you have a copier?; Say NO to Desktop Search Engines; You can still get Windows XP computers
    Newsletter #38, Aug 2008 Create Recovery Discs; What to do with email attachments; Why pay $$ - get it for free?; Use duo/quad CPUs better
    Newsletter #37, July 2008 Yapta for good travel deals; Can that spam; Say YES to Critical Updates; Break the AOL habit; A cure for Office2007 ribbon shock; Safari is a good phishing hole
    Newsletter #36, June 2008 Excellent Video Tutorials; Save that YouTube video; Some great freeware on the internet; Kudos to Tripplite
    Newsletter #35, May 2008 Tutorial on creating your own custom music selection CDs
    Newsletter #34, April 2008 Why Phishing is VERY dangerous; Saving email Attachments; A better clipboard; Adjust Windows XP & Vista easily; Comparing XP and Vista .
    Newsletter #33, March 2008 Xploring Folders; Set Restore Points before installs; Get rid of "New Program Installed" message; Extended Warranties – yes or no?; Tuning up Outlook & Outlook Express; Save bucks on printer ink & toner
    Newsletter #32, Feb 2008 Internet Explorer quick fix; advice about upgrading to Vista; Good-As-New computers; Beware auto-renewals; Another dead hard drive with no backup or installation CDs.
    Newsletter #31, Jan 2008 The real DaVinci code; Identify email scams; tune up your email client; link you webmailwith your email client; Stop unsolicited credit offers; Better CD ripping.
    Newsletter #30, Dec 2007 Morph to an elf; Paperless receipts; Customize your toolbars; What are temporary files; More about Norton Internet Security 2008
    Newsletter #29, Nov 2007 Threatfire antispyware; closing your CD/DVD drive; what is crapware (aka shovelware) and how to get rid of it; Are Internet Security Suites faster than individual programs.
    Newsletter #28, Oct 2007

    Phishing info; Seti@Home and other Distributed Computing websites; Securely delete files & folders; Check your updates with Secunia; Airplane seats with power; More on the cyberwar; Keyclicks and other highlighting shortcuts

    Newsletter #27, Sept 2007

    Another IE alternative: Avant; A Phishing Story; Test your firewall; How fast is your Internet?; Go on a surfin’ safari; A full-time spelling checker; Leave the rat alone (keyboard shortcuts)

    Newsletter #26, Aug 2007 Viruses & Social Engineering; Try Linix the easy way; Fly Thunderbird for your email; Avant - another alternative browser; If it looks like a Mac...; Tough love - keeping guests from screwing up your computer; Advanced Googling.
    Newsletter #25, July 2007 Google isn't the only search engine; an inexpensive MP3 player; Parental Control Software; Quieting down your computer; Capturing screens
    The best antivirus programs tested; Fry some spam; why you usually can't just put your hard drive into another computer; What RSS is all about; Identifying bogus anti-spyware
    Roboform password manager; Rules of good computing; Latest computer horror photo; Find free WiFi hotspots; You don't have to report it to Microsoft; Can you upgrade your computer to Windows Vista?
    Free phone information; Updating for new daylight savings time; Say goodbye to spam; Ripping and Burning; Using Windows Media Player; Latest Spam Scam
    Newsletter #21, March 2007 Password tracking; More Shortcuts; Googling better; Window Blinds; Change Firefox appearance; Snip it from Firefox
    Newsletter #20, Feb 2007
    Internet Explorer Shortcuts; Vista pre-release comments; SpySweeper & Norton multi-user renewal info; TweakUI & Powertoys
    Newsletter #19, Jan 2007
    Moving to a new computer; Not Genuine Windows message; AC alternative to WiFi; Is that rumor true? (; Optimizing desktop search engines
    Sharing Photos Online; Defrag that Drive; Easy and free online backups; Kayaking - easier & faster way to travel
    The Best and the Worst Computers; Using Firefox on; Don’t reply to spam; Customize your toolbar; MP3 – low-fi triumphs over hi-fi
    Newsletter #16, Oct 2006
    Travel websites; Viruses and graffiti; The unexplored Google; AOL now free, Uninstalling programs; Best UPS yet
    Good Old Days of Computing; Visualize Windows; Computer Boot Camp; Computer Shorthand; Saving Outlook
    Hard Drive Speed demons; Using antique software; Faster internet surfing; See the Blue Screen Of Death; Reveal the true Word; Save it or lose it
    Backups; Google your way there; I told you so; Sneak preview of Microsoft Office 2007; More good deals on software
    A Question of Memory; Doing the Fast Switch quickstep; Good Links; Do you have the correct time?
    Eyedrops for your monitor; Freebies 4U; Don’t throw out your old LPs; Remove ads from your home page
    Formatting tips; Free translations; A primer on wireless security; Great Software Savings; Is that a Picasa?; Talk to a real person; Change History; Extend the Fox
    Become an eBay sniper; Try a different screensaver; A good, free anti-spyware program; A new Internet Explorer; Spring cleaning; Improving wireless signals
    Shortcuts; Demystifying Firewalls; Free Safety Scan; Organizing your Desktop
    Internet Speed Trap; Thunderbird anyone?; A good, free anti-virus program; What’s a Wikipedia?; A change of viewpoint; Become a supercomputer
    Update Firefox Browser; Remote Control Tech Support; Rating anti-spyware programs; Is your memory adequate?; Malware-safe share/freeware; Update your Linksys Router
    A free alternative to Office; A more readable monitor; About computer magazines; Do you know the correct time?; Keep your installation CDs; Burning backups to CD is easier
    Newsletter #4, Oct 2005 Make your own Acrobat files; Free & Easy backups; Speed up Firefox; Backup your DVDs; New Internet Explorer on the way
    Newsletter #3, Sept 2005 More about Shortcuts; Wireless protection; Surge Protectors & UPS
    Newsletter #2, Aug 2005 More about Shortcuts; Safe Surfing

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