If you have 2 or more computers at your home or business and wish to connect them, as a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA), I can provide a full range of networking services.

  • Assess your needs, design and install wired or wireless networks.
  • Troubshoot problems with your existing network
  • Firewall and router installation


  • There are essentially two types of networks, WORKGROUPS and DOMAINS
    • Workgroups are best suited for homes and small businesses (up to 10 computers) where the main concern is sharing of files. Once set up, workgroups do not require an administrator, and generally do not require much maintenance.
    • Domains are for larger businesses where centralized control of access and resources is desirable or required. Domains require a domain administrator with good knowledge of networks. Once set up, smaller domains generally do not much time or effort in the way of administration, although routine day-to-day administrative tasks can be easily taught to someone on your staff.

    Networks can be wired, wireless, or a combination of the two

The advantages of wired networks are:

    • Security is better than wireless networks. Anyone within range can access a wireless internet connection if security is not properly set up.
    • Wired networks transmit data faster than wireless networks. This is not necessarily a problem when surfing the internet, but will slow down file transfers between computers on the same network.
    • Placement of computers is not important. Wireless signals are reduced by walls, large appliances, and other obstructions.

The advantages of wireless networks are:

    • WIRELESS networks do not require cable connections between computers.
    • No unsightly cables between computers
    • Lower installation cost if computers are in different rooms
    • You can connect a notebook computer from anywhere in the building where you can get a strong wireless signal.
    • Notebook computers set up for wireless networks can also be used for wireless internet access at free public "hot spots" which are increasing in numbers and are available at many espresso houses, bookstores, airports, and hotels.