About Coastal Computer Care

Coastal Computer Care is located in Oceanside, CA and is dedicated to providing quality technical support and repair, at reasonable rates, for computer users in North San Diego County and South Orange County .

Too many people are needlessly experiencing computer problems that can be easily corrected, and bring their computer to a shop only after the computer becomes partly or totally unusable. Some people are fortunate enough to have a computer “expert” in their immediate family who keeps their computer running smoothly, but most people do not have this luxury.  I believe that good quality, reasonably priced, onsite support should be available to everyone.

My name is Philip Wiener. I started my career in IT as an application developer (programmer) in 1987 and have been a computer professional since then. I have been providing computer support to clients in Orange County since 2004 and am now adding North San Diego county because I have from Dana Point to Oceanside in late 2016.

I have taught computer classes at two community colleges, and currently hold the following Microsoft credentials:

  MCSA:  Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator


MCP:  Microsoft Certified Professional



Email: phil@coastalcomputercare.com

Phone: 800-788-1185

Cell: 949-525-6260

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