Cost & Estimates

Labor charge is $96/hour. After the first hour, the charge accrues in 1/4 hour increments.

There is no charge for travel time in the following areas:

Aliso Viejo

Dana Point/Capo Beach

Laguna Beach

Laguna Hills/Laguna Woods

Laguna Niguel

Lake Forest

Mission Viejo




San Marcos



Travel time will be charged for onsite visits outside of the above area.

The 1-hour minimum does not apply to telephone assistance, remote support, and work performed at the Coastal Computer Care office.

Service is at your office or home. It is sometimes more cost effective to take a computer and work on it at the CCC shop. Your cost is less because shop time includes only time actually spent working on the computer. Also, some repairs require equipment that is available only in my office.

We do not charge flat rates unless requested. If a client wants a guaranteed price, we will provide one, although it will almost always be higher than paying for actual time.

The following are estimates for commonly requested services. If your request is not listed on this ESTIMATES page, or if you have any questions, please call or email for an estimate.

Service Provided
Brief Description
Typical Time
Setup New Computer Set up a new computer (incl internet connection, activation, registration, etc)
2 hrs
PC Tune-up & Diagnostics Check PC Status, examine for problems, optimize settings for best performance
1 hr
Virus & Spyware Check/Removal Scan for and remove malware (viruses & spyware), install or adjust anti-malware programs if necessary, clean up damage from the malware.
1 - 1.5 hrs
Install Software Install one software application (program)
1/4 hr
Upgrade Windows

Upgrade your current Windows version to a newer version.

1 hr
Backup data Backup important data to a portable hard drive or flash drive. Note that large amounts of data may not fit onto a flash drive and backup to a portable hard drive is then indicated.

1/2 - 1 hr

Clone to new hard drive Add a new hard drive to your computer AND clone existing hard drive to new drive on the same computer.
1 hr
Add New Hard Drive Intall or replace a hard drive (no data transfer)
1/4 hr
Upgrade Hard Drive Replace or add a hard drive, including transfering of data (Note that programs cannot be transferred from one hard drive to another, they must be reinstalled.)
1 - 1.5 hrs
Add memory (RAM)  Performance can often be increased by adding memory. Where appropriate, the speed increase is often remarkable and the cost (including memory modules) remarkably low. Price of memory modules not included in this estimate.
1/4 hr
Install Printer, Scanner or Digital Camers Install a printer, scanner or digital camera to your computer
1/2 - 1 hr
Install internal PC card Install and configure a sound, video, or other card in your computer
1/4 hr
Install new monitor Install a new monitor on your computer
1/2 hr
Internet Setup Set-up a high speed cable or DSL connection.
1 hr
Wired or Wireless LAN Setup Connect 2 or 3 computers on a wired and/or wirelessLAN. Includes router setup or adjustment. Add about $20 per additional computer.
1 hr
Wireless network additional PCs Connect additional computers to a wireless network
1/4 hr
Stream video to TV Connect a wireless video streaming device (i.e. Roku, AppleTV, etc) to your wireless router.
1 hr
Domain setup Setup a domain. Install/setup server & connect user computers (workstations) to the domain, share printers & files/folders, assist in selecting/configuring server computer configuration to be purchased.
Please call
Domain maintenance/ administration Monthly fee for routine monitoring of a domain, periodic rebooting of server, adding or removing users.
Please call